CATL 5.32Kwh-13.1Kwh LiFePO4 Battery Home Energy Storage System

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CATL 5.32Kwh-13.1Kwh LiFePO4 Battery Home Energy Storage System


home energy storage battery


High Safety, Easy Installation, Long Cycle Life, Easy Expansion, Easy Expansion, High Environmental Adaptability, IP65 Protection

Application Scenarios

Targeting high-voltage home energy storage markets in Europe and the United States, supporting new photovoltaic storage applications or retrofitted applications with upgraded photovoltaic energy storage.

Item Parameters
Rated Capacity 26Ah 26Ah 26Ah 32Ah 32Ah 32Ah
Rated Energy 5.32Kwh 7.98Kwh 10.65Kwh 6.55Kwh 9.83Kwh 13.1Kwh
Rated Voltage 204.8V 307.2V 409.6V 204.8V 307.2V 409.6V
Operating Voltage Range 179.2~230.4V 268.8~375.6V 358.4~460.8V 179.2~230.4V 268.8~375.6V 358.4~460.8V
Max. Continuous Charge/
Discharge Current
26A 26A 26A 32A 32A 32A
Dimension (W*D*H) 610*182*818mm 610*182*1118mm 610*182*1318mm 610*182*968mm 610*182*1368mm 610*182*1618mm
Weight 60kg 85Kg 105Kg 70Kg 102Kg 125Kg
Cycle Life 6000cycles
Operating Temperature -20℃~55℃
Ingress Protection IP65
Authenticate IEC62619/UL1973/UN38.3
Max. number of Rack Parallel Connection 8