Sunwanda Super energy storage system debuts, equipped with 314Ah lifepo4 battery cell

  • 2024-01-05 08:44
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Recently, Sunwoda held the "Strong Core Intelligent Storage Is More than Big" Super "Super" industrial and commercial energy storage new product launch conference, launching a new generation of Super industrial and commercial energy storage systemThe Super family series is equipped with a 314Ah battery cell with 12,000 cycles, which increases the energy density by ≥12% and reduces the cost of electricity by ≥15%. This is the first time that new large-capacity batteries have been applied in the industrial and commercial storage field in the industry. It will stimulate industry innovation and lead industrial and commercial storage into a new stage of technological change.


Sunwanda Super energy storage system debuts  


Currently, energy storage is an important support for building new power systems and promoting green and low-carbon energy transformation. In the field of industrial and commercial energy storage, as the income from the widening peak-to-valley price differences in various regions continues to increase, the cost of installed energy storage continues to decline, and the continuous support of national energy storage capacity subsidies, discharge subsidies and investment subsidies and other policies, industrial and commercial Energy storage is entering a golden period of development, and 2023 is known as the "first year" of the development of industrial and commercial energy storage. However, while the development of industrial and commercial storage is in full swing, the industry is also facing pain points such as high investment costs, complex transaction models, and harsh operating conditions. How to improve product competitiveness in the six major aspects of life, reliability, safety, operation, service and cost is the key for industrial and commercial energy storage service providers to break through.


Sunwoda's new generation Super industrial and commercial energy storage system uses 314Ah special lifepo4 battery for energy storage. It is the first product to use new large-capacity batteries for industrial and commercial energy storage. Compared with the current mainstream 280Ah lifepo4 battery, the energy density is increased by 12%. While ensuring high energy density, the new battery cell has a cycle life of up to 12,000 times. Conventional industrial and commercial energy storage products have a service life of 9 years, while Sunwoda's new generation Super industrial and commercial energy storage system is designed to have a service life of 15 years, which will greatly improve economic benefits.


Sunwoda's new generation Super industrial and commercial energy storage system


Sunwoda's new generation Super industrial and commercial energy storage system has a five-layer safety design including cell double insulation safety design, intelligent monitoring and detection, PACK-level fire protection and directional explosive discharge design, subsystem containment and system safety design to achieve the battery system's "no loss of control, no "Fire, no explosion", its super integrated technology from sub-components to the entire system ensures safe, stable and reliable operation of the product.


In terms of industrial and commercial energy services, Sunwoda applies innovation to the extreme. In addition to being the first in the world to apply 314Ah large-capacity, long-life energy storage cells to industrial and commercial scenarios, it also innovatively provides a virtual power plant (VPP) and digital twin platform.


The virtual power plant platform can support industrial and commercial energy storage systems to participate in demand-side response, power auxiliary services, and power spot trading services, providing customers with profit growth points beyond peak and valley arbitrage, and releasing strong economic efficiency.


The digital twin platform can track and evaluate the status of battery cells throughout the life cycle to provide early warning, reduce the risk of battery failure, improve safety performance, and extend the operating life of energy storage stations.


Cell digital twin platform


Sunwoda has independent R&D and production capabilities in the entire chain from battery cells, BMS, PACK, EMS to systems. At the technical support level, it can provide users with comprehensive energy planning technology, distributed power generation technology, efficient computer room cooling technology and super charging technology; at the solution level, relying on Sunwoda's experience in smart energy project implementation, it can provide customers with " The zero-carbon industrial park solution of "source, network, load and storage" and the zero-carbon smart travel solution of "light, storage, charge and swap".


Since its establishment, Sunwoda has been deeply involved in the new energy industry for nearly three decades and has formed six major business sectors: 3C consumer batteries, power technology, energy technology, intelligent hardware, intelligent manufacturing and industrial Internet, and third-party testing services. As the global "double carbon" goal advances, Sunwoda implements product and technological innovation in real time and continues to increase investment in the energy storage field. At the same time, relying on the high-automation design of the entire production line, we have built a smart manufacturing + Internet + green manufacturing smart factory to achieve the "six modernizations" of product personalization, design collaboration, supply agility, manufacturing flexibility, service initiative, and intelligent decision-making. ”, greatly improving production and service capabilities. Up to now, the cumulative installed capacity of Sunwoda energy storage system has reached 9.8GWh, and the annual production capacity is planned to be more than 20GWh.


At present, Sunwoda has accumulated hundreds of projects on the user side, and has implemented demonstration applications in many projects in Europe, North Africa, Japan and various parts of the country, helping global companies reduce costs and increase efficiency, and promote their energy transformation.

The successful holding of this conference not only injected momentum into Sunwoda's own high-quality development, but also applied long-life energy storage cells to the industrial and commercial fields for the first time, bringing a new round of technological changes to the development of the industrial and commercial energy storage industry.

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