Relevant knowledge of household energy storage system

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In order to effectively use energy and save household electricity expenditure, household energy storage systems are becoming more and more popular. The energy storage system is divided into vertical and wall mounted, which can be very helpful for the current peak and valley charging in the city. The energy is stored during the low peak period and supplied to the household appliances in the peak period.


Lithium ion battery, as the most widely used energy storage mode at present, has the advantages of high energy density, fast response rate and long discharge time. It is expected that it will be the main mode of energy storage system in the future.


Lithium ion batteries are classified according to raw materials. The main types are lithium iron phosphate and lithium ternary. According to the use, it can also be divided into energy storage lithium battery and power lithium battery. As the name implies, lithium energy storage batteries are mainly used in energy storage systems, while power lithium batteries are used in the new energy vehicle industry. In contrast, energy storage lithium batteries generally emphasize long life and safety, while power lithium batteries emphasize high energy ratio.




For the lithium-ion battery energy storage system, it can be divided into three categories according to different application scenarios:


① Large scale energy storage system supporting the power grid, with large capacity;

② Industrial and commercial energy storage system, with small capacity, can be used as standby power supply for shopping malls, data centers, etc;

③ As a temporary power protection measure, the mobile energy storage system can cope with temporary maintenance, emergency power supply on high speed, etc;


And if solar panels are installed at home, the system can also store the energy that is not used up for a rainy day.


At present, the product is very intelligent. Each device is connected based on the cloud processor, plug and play, and easy to use.


The customization of portable household energy storage lithium battery pack system is very flexible, and lithium battery manufacturers can customize energy storage systems with different voltages and capacities according to customer needs. The household lithium battery pack has a service life of more than 10 years. With modular design, multiple energy storage units can be connected in parallel more flexibly. It is simple and fast, and can greatly improve the storage and utilization of energy.

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